BlueSky Studio is a creative enterprise dedicated to providing architectural services to a variety of clients and users. Our work has centered on the urban environment of cities. From high-density residential towers and loft conversions to creative work environments and historic restorations, we are committed to the health of cities. We have a staff of enthusiastic, highly creative and devoted architects passionately engaged in making the dreams of our clients become reality.

Founded in 1984 by its principal, Joseph E. Simmons, BlueSky Studio has built a reputation by becoming an integral part of the restoration and renovation of lower downtown buildings into living space and retail environments. With over 25 renovations and restoration projects credited to our portfolio, we have the expertise that allows us to successfully negotiate the conflicting demands of any program, from schedule and budget requirements, to the provisions of Neighborhood, Building, Fire and Preservation Codes. We are on the Colorado Historical Society’s list of recommended Preservation Architects and have worked with and served on Design Review Boards. So we understand the goals and needs of both sides.

Our firm is famous not only for Historic Preservation but also for our substantial work in multi family housing. We have two prominent residential buildings in Denver’s redeveloped Golden Triangle, with luxury suites that look out over the gorgeous views of Colorado’s famous Rocky Mountains. Other residential projects can be pointed out just by taking a simple walking tour of the downtown metro area. We have mastered the mixing of high density living with comfort and style. We design quality with our quantity.

BlueSky Studio does not stop there, having completed projects ranging from simple retail spaces, to large commercial buildings. We have worked in several states and for clients such as Federal Express, The City of Golden’s Waste Tech Services, and Regis College.

We are a tight-knit and hard-working studio of 12 dedicated men and women who possess both the vision and experience to help any client realize the goals of his or her project as well as provide a professional and pleasant working environment. Joe Simmons, as “Principal-in-Charge”, is the design leader on all projects and keeps active in all aspects of the project until well after compellation. BlueSky Studio offers not only this personalized service but passes along the benefits of years of experience with the Denver Building Department, area contractors and subcontractors. For work to be successful, one must build good relationships with all parties involved in a project.

BlueSky Studio is the cool oasis in the urban desert – a creative environment for Architecture. Comprised of imaginative people who truly enjoy what they do, this office chooses to distinguish its self with inventive solutions for everyday design problems that lead to extraordinary building results.