Towne Square Lofts is located in the Gateway Community, a new housing project near the Denver International Airport. This project contains 63 residential units on three floors and a first floor parking garage. Within the building’s brick and wood shell are a variety of units, ranging from 720 SF one bedroom, one bathroom condos to 1240 SF two bedroom, two bath condos. Floor plans are designed to create arrangements that provide for both flexibility and privacy. All units are provided with private and communal outdoor spaces. In order to minimize costs and still maintain a variety of living arrangements, the units were designed to stack thereby providing economical and strategically located vertical shafts for mechanical and plumbing functions.

Working with the developer, the neighborhood association and the city, BlueSky Studio created a condominium project that is expansive yet maintains a human scale that relates to the site. BlueSky Studio worked with several design committees to create a structure that is rich in detail and a material yet still meets the budget requirements of the clients.

The building is divided into sections through the use of repetitive forms accented by material and color selections. Design and directional elements use these materials and colors to provide users with consistent organizational elements, creating a building and site that is easily understood and navigated by the users while still being pleasing to the eye.



Andrews Drive
Denver, Colorado

4 Story-Mid-rise
New Construction 2001
63 Residential / Structured Parking
103,000 SF
Cost: $5.2 Million