Titanium is a 21st century building built within a 19th century historic district. The project paid close attention to the detail and elegance of a former time. It also reflects the creative expression of current construction technology with the use of titanium metal columns.

The project contains 24 custom residential loft units on the upper floors, two office spaces on the second floor, retail on the ground floor and two levels of underground parking. The project incorporates the façade of the historic Wazee Deco building and includes architectural concrete, masonry and the use of a newly popular and beautiful metal: titanium.

The building was carefully designed to make a futuristic statement yet fit seamlessly into the historic context of it’s neighboring buildings adding a unique touch to the rich landscape of Denver’s growing downtown district.



1720 Wynkoop Street
Denver, Colorado

24 Residential Lofts/Retail/Underground Parking
6 story mid-rise - 2001
75,000 SF
Cost: $8 million