Dave Christie selected BlueSky Studio for his first development project. His proclivities resulted in a design that respects the historic character of one of Denver's original neighborhoods while addressing the edgy aesthetics of the young urban singles. This mix of industrial materials with historic massing and building forms has been a trademark of BlueSky Studio for years.

The project had all of the unique challenges that come with a very small building site. The concept behind the Ellington was to maximize the buildings square footage without creating a box of a building on the site. To visually reduce the buildings mass the facade was separated into three distinct portions with differing materials, colors and detailing. The scale and style of the three separate pieces interprets the surrounding houses and buildings.

As always, we were challenged to keep this project within budget. The selling prices dictated that the units be smaller in size. The owner wanted high ceilings and a high degree of quality and also wanted to keep the unit prices low. BlueSky Studio, designing with these parameters in mind, kept the unit layouts simple and open with minimal walls (loft-like) in order to keep the quality of the finishes. The simplicity and openness of the unit layouts allow for great flexibility that caters to many different types of living situations.



2422 Tremont Street
Denver, Colorado

16 Residential Units
Underground Parking
New Construction-2002
16,000 SF
Cost: $1.9 million