BlueSky Studio provided services to prepare a feasibility study. The intent was to explore ways to return this historic centerpiece of Regis College that had been partially condemned, back to its original condition and uses.

The Old Main Hall was constructed in 1887 to accommodate classrooms, offices and dormitories for the newly established college. A four-story addition was built north of the east wing in 1922 to provide food service, additional classrooms and living quarters.

This feasibility study is an example of our expertise in reconciling the need for modern day life-safety concerns with preserving the unique character of historic buildings. Intended as Phase I, innovative solutions to the requirements of fire exit corridors and stair enclosures resulted in successful negotiations with the Building and Fire Officials that now allows occupancy of the upper floors without sacrificing the original layout and use of original materials.

The documents also provide clear information to define a scope of work and to develop budget figures for the Board of Regents to evaluate alternatives in the proposed restoration program.



50th and Lowell Streets Denver, Colorado

Phase I Programming and Code Analysis-1989 85,000 SF