Beaux-arts, is a 1920ís French term that means: characterized by the use of historic forms, rich decorative detail, and a tendency toward monumental conception in architecture. With the Prado BlueSky Studio wanted to reflect these feelings while still maintaining the developers modern esthetics to the plan.

The Prado is the second highest residential building to be constructed in the Golden Triangle, 18-stories tall with 108 residential units, structured parking and retail space on the ground floor. Sister building to the Belvedere, it is meant to capture the values of the same model, while still being distinctively itís own building, classic in style, but different in mass.

The developerís main design request was for as many units as possible to have open terraces. Terraces give a very open feeling and add a classical element to each of their suites. Over 55% of the unitís have terraces, which are not only pleasing to the individual living space but serve to give the building a stepping effect that greatly reduces bulk and allows for a lot of sunlight to reach the street level.

BlueSky had to maximize every possible advantage for the developer that the zone permitted. Manipulating the destiny to height expansion, enabling the design a building that although expansive in itís square footage, is not imposing to the sight. BlueSky Studio also was able to draw upon its experience and relationship with Denver Cityís Planning Office. By presenting that the design was a contemporary reflection of classical principals BlueSky was successful in circumventing any need for discussion with neighboring tenants. The Prado adds to the district as a neo-historic form and will continue to enrich this area in years to come.



11th Ave. & Cherokee
Denver, Colorado

108 Units / 18 stories / Ground Floor Retail / Structured Parking
New Construction-2002
268,000 SF
Cost: $21 million