Ideal Electric's office and warehouse includes three rental spaces. Located in an industrial park, this building sits amidst buildings largely devoid of personality. BlueSky Studio wanted to utilize materials like utilitarian concrete block in an artful manner. There is a split face on the front entry wall, which recalls storefront facades typical for the West. Above this arch is a step parapet with large windows on the bottom and small windows above.

The capstone spells out "Ideal" - the name of the major tenant. During the design process, BlueSky Studio and its client played with this name and the meaning of the word. We were aspiring to a higher "ideal."

This project reflects an attitude of no-nonsense design that is still an artful presentation. Classical proportions and references give the building a timeless quality - a design that is not reflective of any particular age.



3777 Quentin Street Denver, Colorado

Office / Warehouse / Tenant Finish / 2 Story
New Construction-2001
13,200 SF
Cost: $900,000