The Henry S. Persse Place Stone House is one of the few remaining structures on the Persse Place property that is now a part of Roxborough State Park located southwest of Denver. The site, developed between 1901 and 1910, originally included the house, barns and guest cottages. Built in 1903, the Stone House underwent exterior restoration, reconstruction and structural re-mediation as part of a multi-phase plan for the site.

BlueSky Studio was hired by the Colorado State Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation to provide technical expertise for the structural stabilization, weatherproofing, ADA compliance and reconstruction of the porch and kitchen. Funding for this project was supplied by a grant from the Colorado Historical Society. Utilizing information gathered from a study of the site commissioned in the late 1980s and painstaking research of debris left at the site, the building’s details were recreated and modified where necessary to meet current code requirements.

Before restoration began, the one-story kitchen and roofed porch had collapsed. The ravages of time had taken their toll on most of the wood and stone that remained. Careful research and analysis yielded a compatible source for replacement stone and specifications for rebuilding and re-pointing mortar. Lateral bracing was added to the structure and hidden in the rafter spaces. New roofing technology was implemented to mitigate fire spread and ice dams, allowing the look of cedar shingles to appear as original.



Roxborough State Park Littleton, Colorado

Exterior & Structural Restoration - 1995
1400 SF
Cost: $52,000

Interior Restoration - 1997
Cost: $48,000