BlueSky Studio and the project developer, Wally Hultin, had a lot of fun with this design process. We explored images that expressed the evolution of communication in the West from the horseshoe (a symbol for the Pony Express) to the hubcap (representative of the automobile) to digital technology (demonstrated by a satellite dish). At one point, the design incorporated half moon hubcap shapes along the roof line, similar to a style of Navajo jewelry. Although this concept did not end up part of the building, the idea had its place in the creative process.

In the end, this building, an otherwise plain box, was streamlined through the use of specially colored concrete block and the inclusion of a curved entry wall. By using standard building system components on a carefully detailed facade, this little building was designed to provide Federal Express with a big presence to those traveling on Interstate 25.



Pueblo, Colorado

New Construction-1996
8,000 SF
Cost: $232,000