Federal Express needed a facility to serve its customers in Southern Colorado. Intermodal Structures, the developer for this project, hired BlueSky Studio to create a building that efficiently served the needs of FedEx, blended in to the landscape of a Durango industrial park and also echoed the regional architecture of the Four Corners area.

The design concept was to provide a very economical building that also reflected the stylistic requirements of Federal Express in a modern and “forward-reaching” structure. The design sought to seamlessly meld the modern and industrial with the Four Corners vernacular styles of Mesa Verde, mountain towns and the western slope. One concept used was the front entry “false wall” facade, architecture typical of Colorado mining towns. The palette of materials used included: concrete block, exposed steel and glass.



Durango, Colorado

Office and Warehouse
New Construction-1995
SF 12,000
Cost: $1 Million