BlueSky Studio considered this project to be especially engaging and fun because of the collaboration that happened between Civitas, a landscape architecture firm, and themselves. Designers working for designers, speaking the same language and dealing with the same types of problems. Civitas really liked the industrial look and galvanized materials BlueSky Studio had used on other projects. The landlord, Mickey Zeppelin, was very interested in the bright colors used in the work of Dutch painter Mondrian.

The design challenges were to meet a tight budget and to connect studios on the second level with those on the first so the designers could interact as if no structural separation existed at all. Two studios interact by geographically locating areas that provided group interaction like the coffee room and print room. An opening was made in the middle of the space with a skylight on top that allowed light to come down over the reception desk.

Industrial materials of galvanized metal, steel deck plate, exposed conduit and ducts were used along with inexpensive industrial lighting fixtures, like the fluorescent lights that hung from cables set in a radial pattern around the reception area. On the second floor, lights were set in constellation patterns with conduits connecting the lights. The result was a star map. Inventive finishes like rebar for shelf supports were used but as much as possible, original existing elements were left alone to create a rough, unfinished look. New elements brought in were highlighted in colorful Mondrian-esque color. Natural materials were contrasted with metal and these bright colors to create a stimulating work environment for these creative professionals.



1250 Bannock St. Denver, Colorado

Interior Remodel
9,000 SF
Cost: $350,000