BlueSky Studio transformed a building that was originally a service garage for Cadillac Motor Company into a space for unique loft dwellings. The Cadillac Lofts was the first project developed in an up-and-coming area just south of downtown Denver known as the Golden Triangle.

One of the unique features of this building is its structural system, which includes a concrete frame, two built-up steel plate girders, wood trusses and joists. These intriguing supports give the illusion of a sort of upside-down bridge pulled taunt throughout the space. A spacious 1000 SF rooftop deck provides an amazing 360-degree view of downtown, Capitol Hill and the breathtaking rocky-mountains, for all the residents to enjoy. The 14-foot ceilings permit the introduction of intermediate mezzanines constructed from floor planks that were recycled from the floors of railcars, adding to the building’s history.



1090 Cherokee St. Denver, Colorado

22 Residential Lofts Exterior Restoration & Interior Remodel - 1994
68,000 SF
Cost: $ 950,000